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Confidence Building

Attaining self confidence is key to optimal performance.  Building such confidence can prove to be quite a struggle when handling the multiple pressures that come with athletic performance but can be learned and built on to attain mental toughness. We have the ability to not only build confidence, but to also allow you to increase self-efficacy. Believing in your ability is paramount to performance enhancement and will only improve your ability to succeed.

Goal Setting

Setting goals that are attainable will allow you to grow at a pace that suits your plan best. Making sure you are properly setting yourself up to succeed can be tricky and lead to deficiency and loss of confidence. My goal-setting plan is simple yet very effective and will provide you with the tools necessary to build confidence, improve healthy life skills, and recover from setbacks such as injury.

Injury Recovery

Any injury can be devastating for an athlete. Having an opportunity to work closely with someone who can provide mental toughness training is paramount to proper recovery. Whether the injury is minor or career-ending, having a support system is crucial.

Performance Consulting

Planning your next move is key to successful organizations and performance. It is necessary to evaluate situations objectively. A personalized plan from me will no doubt improve communication, productivity, and maximize your success.

Struggling to perform at the top of your game?

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“The 2016 Olympic Qualifier for Sprint Canoe was undoubtedly one of the most intense races of my career. Beau Leaf helped me develop the mental tools necessary to execute my best race. He is awesome!”

Maggie Hogan

Sprint Canoe Olympic Athlete, 2016 Rio Games

“Being an athlete and coaching athletes are two different spectrums. Working with Beau gave me further insight into how the mind of an athlete truly works from a coaching standpoint. With practical steps to follow, I was able to bridge the gap between reaching today’s athlete”

Adrian Griffin

Assistant Basketball Coach, Oklahoma City Thunder

About Dr. Beau Leaf

Sport Performance Consultant

I am a Sport and Exercise Performance Consultant specializing in confidence-building, strategic-planning, injury recovery, and health & wellness behavior modification.  I always base my treatment plans on the individual and their specific needs, which allows the relationship to build strong from trust and dedication.  I can attribute my ability to attain such a bond to both my experience in the field and my educational attainment. I’ve had the pleasure of working with teams as a whole and one-on-one with individual athletes for many years, which afforded me the opportunity to travel with teams and assist in program organization. These incredible experiences have provided me with the knowledge necessary to provide quality care that will make a positive impact in your organization. Give me your time and I will help you reach your potential.

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